Clinically Proven

Highly effective in maintaining dural closure during the critical phases of dural healing. - Stronger, Longer Lasting - Minimal Swelling - Novel Applicator -

Preventing CSF Leaks

CSF leaks occur with high frequency and incur significant costs across all types of surgical procedures. A direct correlation of this complication and ensuing costs is observed with more extensive procedures and a reduction of these significant costs can be achieved by augmenting the dural closure.1

Not Derived from Biological Sources

Our Adherus Surgical Sealants are not prepared from biological sources, eliminating the potential for viral transmission and sensitization to animal-derived products. Adherus Surgical Sealants are non-irritating, non-hemolytic, non-toxic, and non-mutagenic as determined by IS0-10993 testing.


HyperBranch Medical Technology is a specialty medical device company that develops and markets innovative products capable of adhering and sealing tissues.

The technology on which our products are based is synthetic, safe, and highly configurable to meet the clinical requirements for a wide range of surgical procedures. At HyperBranch, we believe that our proprietary hydrogel technology will be used to improve patient outcomes in many surgical applications such as Ophthalmology, Neurosurgery, Thoracic, Vascular, Plastic and General Surgery.


We offer unique advantages over other surgical sealants and adhesives on the market today.

1 Minute Setup

2 Hour Window of Use After       Reconstitution

Start & Stop Application       Without The Need For       Accessories

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1Source: Surgical Neurology 64 (2005) 490-494 "Healthcare Economics Costs of postoperative cerebrospinal fluid leakage: 1-year, retrospective analysis of 412 consecutive nontrauma cases" J. Andre' Grotenhuis, MD, PhD